Salad Station News

Founded: 2012

In 2012 Founder & President, Scott Henderson, envisioned the concept of a salad restaurant providing fresh local produce combined with fast and friendly service.

Salad Station will soon be serving its unique pay for what you create concept salads in Jonesboro with the announcement of the brand’s newest location to open in the area.
July 15th, 2022
Salad Station - a fully customizable salad franchise famous for serving farm-fresh gourmet ingredients - is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with incredible sales growth and the opening of new locations.
July 12th, 2022
Salad Station - The fully customizable salad restaurant concept famous for serving farm-fresh, gourmet ingredients - has released its new signature-crafted, springtime salads.
June 2nd, 2022
Salad Station is bringing back a delicious fan-favorite just in time for spring, its ever-popular Blueberry Lemonade.
May 12th, 2022

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